Banking Trojan hits Islamic Banks

Date: 23rd February 2014 Security researchers at InterCrawler discovered a Banking trojan which infected a large number of devices the Middle East belonging to Islamic Banks. IntelCrawler cyber intelligence firm discovered a large fraud campaign against major Islamic banking institutions. The attackers have used a...

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iOS malicious monitoring app

Dated: 01 March 2014 FireEye researchers report that A malicious monitoring app could log the keystrokes and touch input on your iOS device. This app was able to record all touch and press events in the background, including screen touches, home button presses, volume button...

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iOS vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle Attack

Apple’s iOS vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle Attack. Install iOS 7.0.6 to Patch this vulnerability. The vulnerability assigned CVE-2014-1266 and affects both the iOS and OS X operating systems, describes as ‘Secure Transport failed to validate the authenticity of the connection. This issue was addressed by restoring...

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