United Nations Internet Governance Forum Hacked

United Nations Internet Governance Forum Hacked, 3,215 Accounts Leaked on 20th February 2014. Hacker collective @delete sec announced a breach and leak of data on a United nations based website. The site is the Internet Governance Forum and it appears to be registered to Chengetai...

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NSA Prism program slides

Prism, according to the Snowden documents, is the biggest single contributor to the NSA’s intelligence reports. As a ‘downstream’ program, it collects data from Google, Facebook, Apple and others for viewing slides kindly visit the the link: http://www.theguardian.com/world/interactive/2013/nov/01/prism-slides-nsa-document

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Will FBI shutdown internet on March 8th, 2014?

Date:February 18th, 2014 Websites and blogs all over the internet are posting news of internet shutdown on March 8, 2014, which can affect millions of users across the globe. Investigation reveals that’s not really the case. While a large number of internet users may lose...

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Syrian Electronic Army hacks one million Forbes accounts!

Date: February 16TH, 2014 Having already targeted several big name news organizations, the Syrian Electronic Army has hit another, this time publishing a reported one million user credentials from business site Forbes.com. Recode reports that the group posted various messages to its Twitter account claiming...

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