Sound authentication in Google

Posted on: 17 02 2014 Google bought Israel start-up slickLogin for sound authentication that allows websites to identify users using sound waves. It works by playing a uniquely generated, nearly-silent sound through computer speakers, which is picked up by an app on the user’s smartphone....

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Linksys home routers compromised

Posted on: 13 02 2014 Wyoming-based ISP reported that few home based Linksys routers were compromised in last few days. The unknown vulnerability  ”The Moon” scans port 80 and 8080 as quick as possible saturating the bandwidth and unknowingly modifying the DNS settings pointing Google’s...

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98% of SSL enabled websites still using weak SHA-1

February 06, 2014 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) had published a document on Jan 2011 that the SHA-1 algorithm will be risky and should be disallowed after year 2013, but it was recently noticed by Netcraft experts that website itself were...

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UDP protocols

Systems Affected Certain UDP protocols have been identified as potential attack vectors: DNS NTP SNMPv2 NetBIOS SSDP CharGEN QOTD BitTorrent Kad Quake Network Protocol Steam Protocol Overview A Distributed Reflective Denial of Service (DRDoS) attack is an emerging form of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)...

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