Apple Vulnerability allows Firmware Modification in Macs

zero day software vulnerability in the firmware of Apple computers make it possible to tamper with its Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). UEFI code is in the unlocked state when the computer gets on after a sleep. This vulnerability can be exploited to install a rootkit or malware into the system.

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Apache Cordova Vulnerability allows One-Click Modification of Android Apps

A vulnerability in Apache Cordova app framework allows attackers to modify the behaviour of apps by just clicking a URL. The extent of damage can range from creating usability issues for the application user to crashing the application altogether. The majority of Cordova-based apps, which accounts for 5.6 percent of all applications in Google Play are vulnerable.

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Simda Botnet

The Simda botnet, a network of computers infected with self-propagating malware has compromised more than 770,000 computers across the globe. Security researchers and law enforcement departments around the world are spreading alerts about Simda along with prevention and mitigation techniques.

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