Mozilla released Firefox 37 with improved security

Mozilla recently released Mozilla Firefox version 37 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android providing security patches for 13 different security advisories as well as adding new security and user-experience features. NUST CSIRT recommend users to upgrade Firefox browser to Firefox 37.

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D-Link Patches Flaws in IP Cameras, Wireless Range Extenders

D-Link has released firmware updates to address serious security holes affecting the company’s DCS-93xL IP cameras and the DAP-1320 wireless range extender. A remote, authenticated attacker can exploit the vulnerability to upload arbitrary files to a specified location on the device. The flaw can be leveraged to create, modify or delete data, and possibly even execute arbitrary code.

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Dropbox Android Flaw Helps Steal Corporate Files

A new Android flaw has been discovered in the apps that connect users to Dropbox via SDK. Because of this flaw the attackers are able to steal sensitive personal or corporate files. Therefore, application developers who use Android Dropbox SDK should upgrade their version to 1.6.2 or higher versions where the patch for this vulnerability is available.

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