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About Department
Department of Information Security at Military College of Signals with its inherent strength of profound traditions and cherished history is the 1st ever institute in Pakistan offering MS and PhD degrees in Information Security with emphasis on Cryptology, Computer/Network Security, Information security management and Digital Forensics.

To impart education to post graduate and doctoral students in different fields of Information Security while grooming them as able researchers, professionals, and developing their skills to guard against various security breaches.

Program Objectives

  • To impart knowledge of core areas of information security including cryptography, network security, information management
  • To provide state of the art knowledge and practice of advanced field of information security through special trainings and workshops.
  • To prepare students for higher studies, as able professionals and researcher
    To improve writing and presentation skills of students
  • To improve skills to asses, analyze and solve various problems of information security through collaborative projects and research

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